Together IS BETTER

Collaboration and Partnership

Let’s Work Together

We think the best ideas come from collaboration. We share ideas and provide resources to help people like you find ways to make an impact on the things you care about through charitable planned giving. We work in partnership with the people of our Catholic community to help them successfully manage their money and their charitable giving. We also believe in creating a great team which is why we’re well connected with many professionals who can assist with estate plans and financial plans. We understand that once people gain confidence in their financial plans, they can give more focus to charitable giving.

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Attorneys, Accountants and Financial Advisors

The Catholic Foundation also works to provide professional advisors with insights into both familiar and creative strategies for philanthropic giving. These strategies offer clients fulfillment of charitable giving, as well as financial benefits to enhance their personal financial plan and estate plans.

We’ll help you gain valuable skills in recognizing philanthropic giving opportunities for your clients that will in turn benefit the client, the beneficiaries of Catholic charities, and you.