Why Publish an Annual Report?

To ensure the trust of our donors and community, The Catholic Foundation publishes an annual report of financial performance at the end of each fiscal year. These reports are intended to provide financial transparency in the performance and growth of the funds we manage for our donors as well as demonstrate community support for the work of The Foundation. Our annual report also allows us to express our gratitude to the many generous donors who have established scholarships, endowments, or various other funds for the benefit of our community.

Donors who have established funds at The Catholic Foundation will have their name(s) or name of their fund(s) listed in the annual report.  It is our hope that with increased awareness of the funds currently in existence, others will be inspired to be charitable.


The Catholic Foundation of Southern Nebraska helps people discover how they can personally make a difference in the lives of others. We are ready and willing to work with individuals, couples, and families who want to set up a charitable giving program that fulfills their charitable intentions, whether a scholarship fund or some other means of helping others. We can also help donors find out if matching funds are available from their employers. When you consider the idea of making a charitable gift, either during your lifetime or from your estate, there are many different options to consider. The Catholic Foundation specializes in finding unique opportunities to help you create a customized plan according to your wishes, and within the guiding hand of Catholic teaching. When working with The Foundation to create your charitable plan, you’ll learn all about using assets to make a gift, options for gifts of cash, securities and property, and options that provide tax and income benefits. The Foundation will be your partner to make sure you are able to make gifts that meet your goals. You can then enjoy the satisfaction and fulfillment of gifts freely given.

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