Feb 15, 2018

Sisters of Mary, Queen of Mercy

Story originally written for the 2017 Catholic Foundation Annual Report

They survived the Vietnam War, the fall of their country to a communist regime, relocation to Australia, and later, to the United States. Now the Sisters of Mary, Queen of Mercy, are a thriving Vietnamese religious community in the Diocese of Lincoln, dedicated to serving Christ and His Church and to live out the privilege to be children of God. Read More…


“These sisters radiate joy as they care for the children. Their joy,
radiates through their actions, words, and deeds.”
Carmen, LFCC parent
How the Sisters came to Lincoln isn’t a story that’s widely known to many. While the Vietnam War raged, several Sisters evacuated to Australia to escape the fighting. They intended to return home once the situation stabilized, but by 1975 it was clear the communists would conquer the Republic of Vietnam; going home would be impossible. The Sisters eventually relocated to Missouri, before finally finding a home in Lincoln. They were officially established by Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz on May 4th, 1999.

Today, the Sisters work as teachers, child care providers, religion instructors, nurses and assistants to the Bishop. One wing of their motherhouse serves as a childcare center, the apostolate of the congregation. The Little Flower Childcare Center is a daycare center dedicated to the care and education of pre-school children.

The sisters believe that all children are unique, and it is their responsibility to nurture the “whole child” in areas of spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional development.

When asked why LFCCC is so special to them, one parent replied, “Little Flower gives my kids the opportunity to experience the fun of learning. The sisters enable my children to become independent, creative and respectful. We are so appreciative of the teachers and directors at Little Flower!”


Because the Sisters need to provide for the long-term financial stability of their community, they established the Sisters of Mary, Queen of Mercy Fund, managed by The Catholic Foundation of Southern Nebraska. As a religious community, they have to provide for their own financial security, retirement, long term care, transportation, and more. The Foundation manages the fund for growth, and accepts contributions to the fund from benefactors.

The Sisters also recently established the Little Flower Childcare Fund to financialy support The Little Flower Childcare Center. Direct contributions to this fund will help support, develop and grow the daycare. This will benefit many families who wish to have their children cared for in a warm, loving, Catholic environment where the children are educated and come to know God in a personal way.

A direct contribution to either of these funds can be made by contacting The Catholic Foundation at 402.488.2142 or click on the button below.